White to Harvest

Procrastination robs many of success.

C. H, Spurgeon said, “…procrastination is the kidnapper of souls, and the recruiting officer of hell.”

Jesus urged His hearers to look on the fields and see that they were white unto harvest. Today, Christians often lift up their eyes to the Sunday School register and say, “We’re doing quite well.” The conclusion is based on comparison to other Sunday Schools or to progress compared to previous weeks or years rather than on the need of the harvest. Such faulty reasoning slows the work of reaping.

The harvest is always white. People are troubled because sin brings heartache and despair. Someone near you is waiting to hear the Gospel. And here you are hesitating. You mean well. You intend to witness — someday. You plan to show up for visitation at the church — someday. You see yourself distributing tracts throughout the neighborhood — someday. Meanwhile every tick of the clock ushers more people into eternity. The harvest is white.

If the harvest was white when Jesus called for reapers, consider its condition now. Unfolding events both in nature and in the nations indicate that time is running out for the world. Earthquakes increase. Signs in the heavens are daily occurrences. Israel is a nation. Russia is a militaristic power with designs on the Middle East. Europe is uniting… reviving the old Roman Empire. Morals are sliding. Cults are legion. The time to reap in God’s great harvest is now.

Don’t delay. Reap today!