Lot’s Wife

In the setting of His second coming, Jesus said, Remember Lot’s wife. Mrs. Lot is then
a beacon for our day.

What a strange choice!

One would think the Lord would have chosen a woman who was known for her faith. Instead, the woman we are to remember is Lot’s wife.

Remember her privileges. She had a righteous husband. She had lived in the company of godly Abraham and his family. She had known faithful Sarah and had probably gathered with the family of the friend of God for times of worship and praise. She had been the object of Abraham’s prayers. Yet, surrounded by spiritual opportunities, she remained aloof and spiritually cold. Today, more tools for getting out the gospel are being used than ever before. Especially in America, the average person is offered the gospel time and again. Ours is a day of religious privilege. Still, many ignore God’s message of love.

Remember her possessions. Lot was a successful man. His wife evidently had no lack of this world’s goods. Sadly, she failed to see that all earth’s toys are temporal. Like many today, she was caught up in the merry-go-round of getting. Affluence is often the enemy of spirituality. And in the abundance of things, many are missing the abundant life made so available in these last days.

Remember her perishing. When warned of the coming destruction of Sodom and given instructions for safety, she looked back and became a pillar of salt. Ignoring the clear direction for deliverance, she died.

Week after week, the message of Christ’s return goes out from the pulpits and over radio and television. Don’t reject God’s offer of salvation. Turn to Christ while there is time.

Remember Lot’s wife.