The friends of Mary Slessor, missionary in Africa, were amazed when they saw that she, a weak woman, had been able to mold savage chiefs to her will. One of the chiefs explained, “You have evidently forgotten to take into account the woman’s God.”

The Psalmist wrote: “God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God” (Psalm 62:11). Still, Christians often depend on weak willpower to win in the struggles of life and churches run programs that are little different than those produced by worldly organizations. It is time to tap the powerful resources of God.

When all sin is confessed and our relationships with others are right, we can expect the power of God to flow through us. Our surrendered wills will be channels for the Lord to use. But our wills do not surrender easily. Often old hurts are harbored and even pampered. Wanting our own way, we are afraid to submit to the will of God. Therefore we do not receive His best and we continue on our weak way.

Let’s stop wasting time. The days of opportunity are coming to their close. Life is ebbing away. Christ is coming soon. It is not enough to read books and dream about the good old days when revivals swept the land. What about revival in our time?

Do you long for God’s power in daily life? Would you like to see the aisles of your church filled with people seeking salvation and direction from the Bible? Then, be sure your heart is right with God and others. Pray for revival and expect the power of God in your life.