Revival and Rejoicing

Revival brings rejoicing! And all too many of us lack this quality of life. There is an attitude of hyper-criticism abroad today that saps the strength of churches and renders Christian testimonies ineffective.

Grumbling and griping characterize many groups of Christians. David wrote of his cup running over with joy, while present-day saints often appear to have cups running over with vinegar. Husbands grumble about their wives and wives about their husbands. Parents grumble about their children and children about their parents. In the world’s most affluent society, many grumble about their possessions. And this by people who claim to serve and love the Lord who had not a place to lay His head.

Churches grumble about pastors. When the servant of the Lord first arrives, there is a period of honeymoon when the members boast about their new pastor, but after the newness wears off and he steps on a few toes while preaching, groups gather after services to have roast preacher. While holding meetings in one area and preaching on revival, one couple told me they would like to have revival in their church but were afraid if it came the pastor would stay, and they wanted him to leave. Such negativism must be confessed as sin before revival can come.

Revival brings rejoicing because in revival, people stop looking at the faults of others and, instead, focus on the Saviour. He is the source of Christian joy. Three words can bring revival and rejoicing: “Looking unto Jesus.”