The Lukewarm Church

Some churches are prosperous outwardly but are poverty stricken as to real spiritual values. They see themselves as successful but God sees them as failures. They are religious, perhaps even sound in Bible doctrine, but they have no fire. They are lukewarm.

Long ago, Joseph Seiss lamented: “Many consider themselves Christians, and Christians of the better sort, who are quite indifferent to the doctrines they hold. They make nothing of creed, despise it, and want nothing to do with those who are in any wise strict and earnest about it. Their religion is a mere goodish ness, which has something of moral warmth in it, but which when tested is only a tepid sentimentalism, having nothing of the solid backbone of Christianity in it.

“Others are very rigid and punctilious about sound doctrine. They make orthodoxy everything, and are ready to fight and suffer for it, but are not so particular about their lives. They stickle earnestly for the creed and the unadulterated truth; and so far they are warm. But when it comes to orthodoxy of practical godliness, they are anything but warm, and hence must be classed with the lukewarm.”

Some churches are sound, but as Spurgeon said, “sound asleep.”

Paul was on fire for Christ. There was nothing lukewarm about his life. He suffered the loss of all things for His Saviour and did so gladly. The world still feels the impact of his life and ministry.

Is your church lukewarm?

Be a thermostat… not a thermometer.

Raise the spiritual temperature of your Church!