Church with an Open Door

A minister was once asked by a friend, whom he met in a distant city: “How many members do you have in your church?”

“One thousand,” the preacher replied.

“Really.” the friend exclaimed, “And how many of them are active?”

“All of them are active,” was the response. “About two hundred of them are active for the Lord; the balance are active for the devil.”

Few churches take full advantage of the opportunities given for service. Some are even guilty of looking for ways to trim their outreach in order to save money.

Someday we will all stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ and give an account of our service. There the Lord will remind us of all the doors that were open but that we shunned.

Since our Lord knows the potential of each of His children, it is reasonable to conclude that He will open doors for any church that will employ all the talents and gifts of the people in that congregation. A church is not really active unless the members are being used to the ultimate of their ability and dedication. Activity for Christ cannot be determined by how busy the church schedule appears or how full the calendar, rather the true test is the use of the members in the areas of service for which they are equipped by the Holy Spirit.

Is there a door of service open through which you have not passed?

How will you handle this at the Judgment Seat?