The Marriage Supper

God has chosen to the closest of all human relationships, marriage, to illustrate the Christian life. A bride and groom are drawn together by love. God’s love draws lost people to salvation. A wedding is a time of exchanging promises and of joining together. Salvation occurs when a sinner responds to the promise of eternal life and takes the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Marriage is the beginning of a life that will be experienced by two who have been made one. After the new birth, the believer and his Saviour go through life together. The Lord never forsakes His own.

There is, however, another great wedding day coming. This will be the fulfilling of the type that we now see in the Christian life. Christ is the bridegroom. The church is His bride. The marriage takes place in heaven after the Rapture of the church and while the Tribulation is raging on earth. It will be a great occasion.

The revelation of the coming marriage of the Lamb makes it absolutely certain that the church will not go through the Tribulation. We’ll miss the Tribulation because we have a date in heaven. We have to attend a wedding. Our wedding.

One of the finest Christians I have ever met said that he was confident the church would not go through the Tribulation because he knew the Lord was sure to care for His bride. Good thinking. And Biblically sound! Though we may go through much trouble, we shall escape the world’s most difficult time.

Better get ready for the wedding!