The Promise

Jesus is coming again.

He promised.

Two ministers, long friends, met one day after being apart for a time. They discussed their churches; then began to talk on present-day events. One said, “I don’t preach on the Lord’s return at all. My congregation doesn’t like it. I hear you have many against you for preaching it. There’s no use in setting people against you.”

“My friend,” said the other pastor, “by God’s grace, I preach His whole Word, and if the Lord Jesus comes in my lifetime no one who is left behind will be able to say that I did not give out the truth. How about you?”

Nothing could be more sure than the return of Christ because He gave His promise that He would come again. That promise was given to encourage the disciples because of His coming crucifixion. They would soon be separated from Him and reunited only for the brief time following the resurrection. These men had left all to follow Him. He had their dedication and devotion. They needed to know about His plans for the future.

But what does the return of Christ mean to you and me?

It means there is a coming resurrection of all Christians. It means that all Christians will be caught up to meet Him when He returns, never experiencing death. It means that all should prepare for His coming.

Are you ready?