The Snare

“I wanted to respond to the invitation,” said a young man, “but I just couldn’t do it with my friends there watching.” The fear of man had kept him from the most important decision in life.

“Your friends may laugh you into hell,” said a concerned mother to her son, “but they can never laugh you out of it.” She was trying to help him see the folly of fearing men when considering his relationship to God.

Public opinion is a powerful force. It is another name for the fear of man.

  • What do you leave out of your conversations with others because of the fear of man?
  • What Christian convictions do you compromise because of the fear of man?
  • What would you change about your life if it were not for the fear of what others will say… the power of public opinion?

To whatever degree you are held back in your Christian walk by fear of others, you are the loser. God will be the final judge. His verdict about rewards and blessings will be the one that will matter. Why should you allow others to keep you from God’s best?
By placing full faith in Him to care for you if you give Him your all, you have His promise of safety: “…whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.”

So, dare to dedicate your life to Him. Cut loose from fear of criticism. Find His will for your life without fear of the reaction of friends or associates. Stop being ruled by public opinion.

Escape the snare!