The Way Up

Evangelist D. L. Moody said that he had once thought that God’s blessings were on shelves and that one received more as he reached higher and higher, but that he had learned later God gave His best to those who went lower and lower. Moody concluded: “Faith gets the most, love works the most, but humility keeps the most.”

Jesus stated an unaltering law: “…he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.” But humility comes hard. Even a small amount of success can bring songs of praise from some and unless we learn to give all glory to God, pride overtakes us.

Humility is elusive. The moment you know you have it, you’ve lost it. To parade humility is to admit you don’t know what it is. Some are humble and proud of it.

The clearest evidence of humility is thankfulness. The thankful person does not boast of his accomplishments but appreciates the health and ability to achieve them. He does not view his possessions as his personal kingdom, bought and paid for, but sees whatever degree of success he has attained as the blessing of God. He does not look down on others because they are different but gives thanks for the diversity of creation. He does not number his spiritual attainments and religious recognitions in order to claim a favored place with God, but lifts his voice in praise for grace enough to care for all his sins.

Jesus is the supreme example of humility. Those who walk as He walked will be exalted.