Hamas agrees to free just 18 hostages unless Israel ends the war, report

YnetNews.com reports: “Hamas says it will only free 18 hostages unless Israel agrees to end the war, according to a report on CNN reported on Tuesday quoting sources.

The network also said that Hamas refused to release only live hostages in the first phase of the deal and insisted that if 33 hostages were to be freed, they would include some who were killed. The terror group also demands that Israel would not be able to oppose the freeing of any prisoner from its jails, clearing the way for the release of Marwan Barghouti, who has been imprisoned for over 20 years after being convicted of multiple murders. He is considered a leading candidate to replace Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Among the reported demands made by the Islamist terror faction was allowing Palestinians that would be released by Israel, to remain in the West Bank and not be exiled to Gaza as Israel has demanded. Hamas wants 30 Palestinians freed – up from 20 – for every Israeli hostage released and 50 – up from 40 – for every female soldier…”

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