Hospitals instructed to prepare for mass-casualty incident

Israel National News reports: “The Health Ministry today (Thursday) summoned all hospital managers for a planning meeting due to the threats from Iran.

Health Ministry Director-General Moshe Bar Siman Tov asked hospital directors and the heads of the health system to continue preparing for a scenario of a mass-casualty incident and to hold drills for medical staff to be prepared to treat patients and reinforce medical staff.

The meeting was held in light of Iran’s threats following the assassination of a senior Revolutionary Guards leader in Damascus earlier this week.

The Health Ministry stated that ‘the level of preparedness of the health system has remained similar in the last six months since the beginning of October. However, the hospitals should continue to be prepared to operate as a desert island as much as necessary.’

If necessary, the ministry will reinforce the hospitals in the north with medical personnel. The hospitals were instructed to create small medical teams of nurses and doctors to help the hospitals in the north…”

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