War against Hamas: IDF strikes sources of rocket fire toward Israel

Israel National News reports: “On Thursday night, rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Ashkelon, Kfar Aza, and Sderot.

During the barrage on Sderot, a rocket landed in a residential neighborhood in the city. No injuries were reported.

Responding to these launches, IDF artillery struck the launch areas in the northern Gaza Strip. IDF fighter jets struck a number of terror targets in the launch areas, including launch pits, operational meeting points, and terror tunnel shafts.

Though the recent launches provide evidence that Hamas is still operating out of northern Gaza, the terror group continues to demand that the IDF evacuate the area and allow the civilian population – which largely supports the October 7 massacre – to return home.

Israel is willing to allow a gradual return to northern Gaza, provided that no terrorists return with the civilian population, but has expressed unwillingness to compromise further, in a fashion which will sacrifice the IDF’s ability to prevent a second massacre…”

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