Iran says it will change nuclear doctrine and build bombs if existence threatened

The Times of Israel reports: “Iran will have to change its nuclear doctrine if its existence is threatened by Israel, an adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Sayyid Kamal Kharrazi said, raising fresh concerns about an Iranian nuclear weapon.

‘We have no decision to build a nuclear bomb, but should Iran’s existence be threatened, there will be no choice but to change our military doctrine,’ Kharrazi said, as reported by Iran’s Student News Network on Thursday, adding that Tehran has already signaled it has the potential to build such weapons.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei banned the development of nuclear weapons in a fatwa in the early 2000s, reiterating his stance in 2019 by saying: ‘Building and stockpiling nuclear bombs is wrong and using it is haram (religiously forbidden)… Although we have nuclear technology, Iran has firmly avoided it.’

However, Iran’s then-intelligence minister said in 2021 that Western pressure could push Tehran to seek nuclear weapons.

‘In the case of an attack on our nuclear facilities by the Zionist regime (Israel), our deterrence will change,’ Kharrazi, who is a former foreign minister, added in the remarks published Thursday…”

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