Khamenei to Trump: No enemy can paralyze Iran

February 7, 2017 — The Jerusalem Post reports: “Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dismissed US President Donald Trump’s warning to Tehran to stop its missile tests, and called on Iranians to respond to Trump’s ‘threats’ on Friday’s anniversary of the 1979 revolution.

‘No enemy can paralyze the Iranian nation,’ Khamenei was quoted as saying by his website in a meeting with military commanders in Tehran.

‘Trump says ‘you should be afraid of me’. No! The Iranian people will respond to his words on Feb 10, (the anniversary of revolution) and will show their stance against such threats.’

In his first speech following Trump’s inauguration, Khamenei also charged that Trump has shown America’s ‘real face’ by proving Iranian allegations about American government corruption.

‘We are thankful to [Trump] for making our life easy as he showed the real face of America,’ he said.

‘During his election campaign and after that, he confirmed what we have been saying for more than 30 years about the political, economic, moral and social corruption in the US ruling system,’ he added…”  (More bragging and blustering from Iran.  In 2016 the Global Firepower list puts the United States as the number 1 military power in the world.  Israel ranks as number 16, and Iran is ranked as number 21.  In early February President Trump tweeted: “Iran is playing with fire – they don’t appreciate how ‘kind’ President Obama was to them. Not me!”  See the next three reports.)


Iranian Official: ‘Newcomer’ Trump Would Suffer ‘Unprecedented Defeat’ If he Crossed Iran

February 14, 2017 — Breitbart.com reports: “A senior Iranian official goaded President Donald Trump on Sunday, insisting the U.S. would suffer an ‘unprecedented defeat’ at the hands of an ‘iron dam’ like Iran.

Ali Akbar Velayati, head of the Expediency Council’s Strategic Research Center, told the semi-official Tasnim news agency that a ‘calculating newcomer’ like Trump wouldn’t dare confront Iran, which is far more powerful than other countries the U.S. has come up against.

Velayati was responding to Trump’s veiled warning on Friday to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in which he said Rouhani ‘better be careful’ about threatening the U.S.

‘We are by no means worried about Trump’s comments,’ Velayati said, adding that despite Trump’s public rhetoric, the president is a calculating politician. Furthermore, the Iranian official told Tasnim, the opposition Trump faces at home among the media, judiciary and influential politicians will prevent him from doing what he wants with Iran.

Velayati, who also served as Iran’s foreign minister, said the Islamic Republic was not seeking war against any country, but would not waste a moment defending itself if necessary…”


Iranian VP: Those who threaten us will lose

February 7, 2017 — Israel National News reports: “Iranian officials continue to threaten the United States, following the Trump administration’s announcement of new sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

On Monday, Iran’s Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said that the ‘ultimate losers’ are those who result to the language of force in dealing with Iran.

Speaking upon his arrival at the country’s Abadan airport and quoted by the IRNA news agency, Jahangiri said Iran is never intimidated by threats, adding that governments or individuals who address Iran with the language of force will be the final losers.

‘The Islamic Republic of Iran always welcomes interaction but those rude who employ language of force will be the ultimate losers,’ he declared.

‘The Americans have chosen a wrong path these days and we hope that they will revise their approach and practice interaction,’ added Jahangiri…”


Pence warns Iran: Don’t test us

February 5, 2017 — Israel National News reports: “Vice President Mike Pence warned the Iranian regime against provoking the United States, advising the country’s Islamist government to halt all ‘hostile and belligerent actions’ towards America and its allies.

Speaking with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Sunday, Pence suggested military options were on the table should Iran continue to provoke the United States and flagrantly violate restrictions on ballistic missiles tests.

‘Iran would do well not to test the resolve of this new president,’ said Pence, adding that Iran should ‘think twice about their continued hostile and belligerent actions.’

‘Iran should be standing up and be essentially working with the world community. But instead, what we see is this kind of belligerent and hostile behavior, defiant behavior to the world community.’

Should Iran continue to violate restrictions on its ballistic missile program and provoke the US, said Pence, the Trump administration would consider harsher measures, including military options, against Iran.

‘[The] President said everything is on the table,’ continued Pence…”