Knowledge Increased

Study: Stem Cells Taken From Healthy Part of Heart ‘Heal’ Heart Attack Scars

Sky News reports: “Stem cells can be used to heal scars after heart attacks, bringing regenerative treatments a step closer.

The study found the amount of permanent scarring on the heart was reduced by half compared to conventional treatment and led to the development of new muscle.

However, the treatment produced no significant change in ‘ejection fraction’ – a measure of the heart’s pumping capacity.

The Caduceus trial recruited a total of 25 patients with an average age of 53 who had all suffered a heart attack in the previous month.

Seventeen received coronary artery infusions of 12 to 25 million stem cells derived from healthy tissue taken from their own hearts.

The remaining eight underwent standard post-heart attack care.

A year later, the proportion of the heart left scarred in the stem cell-treated patients had been reduced from 24% to 12%. No change was seen in patients who did not receive the treatment…” (Daniel 12:4: “…Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: [Christ’s return] …and knowledge shall be increased.” As a sign the Savior is about to return.)

Scientists at U.S. lab detect hints of elusive “God particle”

Reuters reports: “Scientists said they have gotten even closer to proving the existence of the elusive Higgs boson, the so-called ‘God particle’ that supplies mass to matter and would complete Albert Einstein’s theory of the universe.

Analyzing data from some 500 trillion sub-atomic particle collisions designed to emulate conditions right after the Big Bang when the universe was formed, scientists at Fermilab outside Chicago produced some 1,000 Higgs particles over a decade of work.

‘Unfortunately, this hint is not significant enough to conclude that the Higgs boson exists,’ said Rob Roser, a physicist at Fermilab, near Chicago, in explaining the findings being presented on Wednesday at a conference in La Thuille, Italy.

The image scientists have of the short-lived Higgs particles, which almost immediately decay into other particles, is still slightly ‘fuzzy,’ Roser said…” (These scientists attempting to repeat God’s act of mankind’s creation are fools. They think they can duplicate God’s almighty creation – Psalm 14:1; 53:1.)