Category: April

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Gog of Magog

  • After Vote, Putin Promises to Stand Up to West
  • Putin ‘elected Russian president’
  • Russia election: Monitors refuse to recognise Putin win
  • Putin: Russia needs stronger military
  • Putin pledges 400 ICBMs for Russia in 10 years
  • Russia Would Use Nukes to Stave Off Threats – General Staff

Contending for the Faith

  • Muslims announce plans to ‘eradicate’ Christianity
  • Militants target churches in Nigeria
  • Bull’s-eye placed on Mideast Christians
  • Persecution of Christians soars in Iran
  • Egyptian Christians to be forced to leave?

Sanctity of Life

  • Infanticide should be legal, Oxford experts say

Knowledge Increased

  • Study: Stem Cells Taken From Healthy Part of Heart ‘Heal’ Heart Attack Scars
  • Scientists at U.S. lab detect hints of elusive “God particle”

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

  • Hezbollah Leader Optimistic about Imminent Liberation of Occupied Quds [Jerusalem]
  • ‘Iran ready to wipe Israel off the map’
  • Haniyeh in Iran: Hamas will never recognize Israel

A Nuclear Iran

  • Iran ‘May have Tested Nukes in North Korea in 2010’
  • IAEA chief: Iran not telling us everything about its nuclear program
  • ‘IAEA cannot be sure Iran’s nuclear program lacks military aims’
  • World powers call on Iran to let UN inspectors visit military site
  • Israel ‘very close’ to tough decision on nuclear Iran
  • Iran prepares for kamikaze attacks

Radical Islam

  • Islamic group threatens WorldNetDaily.com
  • Muslims demanding revolution, Shariah law
  • Egypt’s Brotherhood says it should govern
  • Underwear Bomber Abdulmutallab: “Proud to Kill in the Name of God”