Egypt: World should push toward establishment of Palestinian state

Haaretz reports: “Major powers should push Israel and the Palestinians to agree a deadline for establishing an independent Palestinian state before a two-state solution becomes impossible to achieve, Egypt said.

Israelis and Palestinians held three rounds of U.S.-backed talks in September. Palestinians pulled out when a 10-month freeze on Jewish settlement building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem ended on Sept. 26.

In some of Egypt’s strongest language since the talks ended, Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said discussions should shift to an ‘end-game for a Palestinian settlement’ after Washington had failed to push Israel to halt building work.

‘The Americans have been informing all of us that their efforts did not succeed. They wanted to reach a moratorium on settlement activities with Israel. That came to an end now.’

He said Egypt’s concern was that ‘we continue haggling without (making) any breakthrough, then in few years there would not be a possibility of two states living side by side.’

The Palestinians said ‘Israeli obstinacy’ made Washington give up on efforts to freeze Jewish settlements and questioned whether the United States could ever help them attain independence.

Egypt became the first Arab state to reach peace with Israel when it signed a deal in 1979…” (The above headline is ominous and will become disastrous for the Mid-East and entire world. See where this one state solution could lead to in the next two reports. Joel 3:2.)

Poll: Most Palestinians view talks as precursor to 1 state

YnetNews.com reports: “The majority of Palestinians support direct talks and the two-state solution, but ultimately want the entire area between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea to turn into one Palestinian state, a poll sponsored by The Israel Project, a Jewish-American organization, shows.

The data, collected by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research in October, shows that the Palestinians blame Hamas for the current state of affairs in the Gaza Strip, and are hostile not only towards the Islamic organization but also towards Iran.

According to the poll, 61% of Palestinians from both Gaza and the West Bank support direct negotiations with Israel, and 60% accept the two-state solution. A 54% majority also agree peace is possible with Israel.

A closer look, however, reveals a different picture: According to the poll, most Palestinians refuse to reconcile with the idea of Israel as a Jewish state. While 23% accept the statement that ‘Israel has a permanent right to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people,’ two-thirds prefer the alternative statement that ‘over time Palestinians must work to get back all the land for a Palestinian state.’

Moreover, the Palestinians perceive the two-state solution as a precursor to this entirely Palestinian state. When presented with the statement that ‘the best goal is for a two-state solution that keeps two states living side by side,’ 30% agreed, while 60% opted for the alternative statement that ‘the real goal should be to start with two states but then move it to all being one Palestinian state.’…”

Hamas: Palestinians must resist against Israel in West Bank

Haaretz reports: “Hamas leader Khaled Meshal said that his group faced ‘huge challenges’ in the West Bank as a force against Israel.

Armed struggle has a powerful appeal among the inhabitants of the occupied territory, where the rival Fatah faction has been extending influence since a civil war with Hamas in 2007, Meshal told a conference in the Syrian capital.

‘The resistance is facing huge challenges, especially in the West Bank,’ Meshal told a meeting of leading pro-Hamas politicians, writers and thinkers opposed to the U.S.-supervised peace process between the Palestinians and Israel.

‘Our inalienable rights are threatened with extinction if the scene in the West Bank does not change by launching the resistance against the Israeli occupation and the settlements,’ he added.

The Palestinian Authority, dominated by Fatah, intensified a campaign of arrests against Hamas after its fighters killed four Jewish settlers in the West Bank on Aug. 31.

The attack was on the eve of the launch of direct Middle East peace talks, which subsequently broke down over Israel’s refusal to meet demands by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to freeze Israeli settlement building…”

Syria warns Israel: Evading peace will lead to Mideast war

Haaretz reports: “Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem criticized stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, warning that closing the horizons to peace could lead to war in the Middle East.

In an interview with the Russian newspaper Moscow News, Moallem accused Israel of evading peace and said that the window of opportunity for a peace deal is slowly closing.

‘The possibility of war always exists in our region since Israel almost always scandalously evades the commitment to peace,’ said Moallem. ‘There is no doubt that closing the horizons to peace could lead to war,’ he said.

Moallem warned of the ramifications of a new Middle Eastern war emerging, saying that in a new war everyone will lose due to the existing advanced military technology which could cause great damage even for the side with the greater military might.

…Syria condemned an Israeli bill that sets tough requirements for any withdrawal from the Golan Heights or East Jerusalem, saying it was further proof that the Israeli government was not interested in peace…” (The headline is accurate whether peace is made or evaded. See Jeremiah 6:14 and 8:11. God in Isaiah 17:1 forewarns Syria stating “…Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”)

Iran tells Gulf Arabs: We’re not a threat to Mideast

‘I.Haaretz reports: “Iran told Gulf Arab states it was not a threat and wanted cooperation, in an apparent attempt to lower tension after revelations that Gulf Arab leaders are deeply anxious about its nuclear program.

In his first trip to the region since WikiLeaks published U.S. diplomatic cables reporting Gulf Arab worries about Tehran, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told a Gulf security conference in Bahrain a more powerful Iran was nothing to fear.

‘Our power in the region is your power and your power in the region is our power,’ he said in a speech to an audience including Gulf Arab ministers and officials.

‘Our growth will only pave the way for others to grow.’

Gulf Arab reaction was muted.

A senior official of a Gulf Arab state security service said Gulf Arabs would be concerned about Iran until it dealt ‘openly’ with the international community over its nuclear activities…” (Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan don’t believe Iran and fear Ahmadinejad’s intentions when he gets the bomb. Hence Saudi Arabia has purchased $60 billion dollars’ worth of armaments from America, including F-15 fighter planes and bunker buster bombs to blast Iran’s underground nuclear installation to smithereens.)

‘Iran is a latter-day Nazi Germany’

Haaretz reports: “If it were up to Reza Kahlili, he would immediately order a bombing of his native Iran, in order to halt its nuclear program and bring down the Islamic Republic and the ayatollahs. And since he doesn’t believe the United States will do that, he hopes Israel will.

‘I strongly believe that it’s 1938 all over again,’ he says in a telephone interview from California, when the world groveled before Germany, hoping to appease the looming Nazi monster. ‘The difference is that this time the consequences would be much worse than World War II. The West had the opportunity to overthrow this regime in Tehran without firing a single bullet last year when the mass uprising happened, but now I truly believe it will be war whether we want it or not, and for that reason I think we should determine the terms of it. The question to ask ourselves is: Do we want to confront them now or when they have the nukes? That’s going to make a big difference to the millions who will lose their lives once they get the nukes.’…” (The above headline is intriguing. Hitler was an occultist and proclaimed that when the destruction of Atlantis occurred the spirits of the deceased entered the bodies of the Germans and Iranians – hence his title for both races as “Aryans”. Whatever the case, Ahmadinejad and Hitler both had and have one goal – the destruction of the Jews and Israel – Psalm 83:4.)