Al Qaeda Promises U.S. Death By A ‘Thousand Cuts’

ABC News reports: “Printer bombs planted on two cargo flights cost only a few thousand dollars and were intended to affect the American economy, according to a newly published Al Qaeda-affiliated magazine.

The attempt was called ‘Operation Hemorrhage,’ boasted the magazine, and the entire plot cost al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, only $4,200.

…A special edition of Inspire magazine — an English-language propaganda publication produced by AQAP — gave a detailed description of how the attempted attack was conceived and produced.

‘Two Nokia mobiles, $150 each, two HP printers, $300 each, plus shipping, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses add up to a total bill of $4,200,’ one article said. ‘That is all that Operation Hemorrhage cost us. In terms of time, it took us three months to plan and execute the operation from beginning to end.’

The magazine also revealed the attack was not meant to kill more than the plane’s pilot and co-pilot, and was meant to force the U.S. government to spend billions of dollars on preventive security screening measures.

The strategy, the magazine said, was ‘of attacking the enemy with smaller, but more frequent operations is what some may refer to as the strategy of a thousand cuts. The aim is to bleed the enemy to death.’…” (President Obama states: We are not at war with Islam and never will be. That’s wishful thinking on his part.

9/11 began the war as 3,000 of America’s people were slaughtered and cremated. Our President admires President Franklin D. Roosevelt. When Japan slaughtered 2,200 of our military men at Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941, Roosevelt immediately declared war.)

In first Hebrew message, Al Qaida-linked group threatens revenge on Israel

Haaretz reports: “A group with avowed Al-Qaida links issued a threat in Hebrew swearing to avenge Israel’s killing of two Gaza militants, in what an expert said was the first use of the language for such propaganda.

In the half-minute-long recording posted on a website used by declared Al-Qaida affiliates, a hoarse male voice tells the ‘aggressor Jews’ they will not be safe from rockets and other attacks until they ‘leave the land of Palestine’.

The speaker identifies himself as a member of the group Jemaa Ansar al-Sunna or ‘Community of Sunna Supporters’, which has a presence in Gaza.

Mohammed Nimnim and Islam Yassin, killed in Israel Defense Forces air strikes on November 3 and 17, were Gazan leaders of the Army of Islam, a Palestinian Islamist group inspired by al-Qaida. Israel accused them of having planned to attack Israelis in the Egyptian Sinai.

Matti Steinberg, an Israeli intelligence veteran who specializes in Islamism, said it was unprecedented for Hebrew to be used on an Al-Qaida forum.

While Osama bin Laden’s followers have made public appeals in languages other than Arabic, this was usually to ‘win over, educate and preach to the wider Muslim world’, Steinberg said. ‘Here, by contrast, it seems the idea to make Jews feel that the threat is close at hand – and not some distant menace.’

The recording, which was quoted on Army Radio, ends by invoking ‘al Quds’, Arabic for Jerusalem. The speaker’s reference to rockets suggests links with Palestinians in Gaza, where this has been a favorite mode of attack against Israel…” (Islam’s goal is to fulfill Psalm 83:4 – “They have said, Come, and let us cut them [the Jews] off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” God says: “…I will give them [Israel] an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off” – Isaiah 56:5.)