Israel slams Western powers for ‘bowing down’ to Iran on nuclear program

Haaretz reports: “Two days before the second round of nuclear talks between Iran and world powers in Baghdad, senior Israeli officials criticized the diplomats in charge of negotiations with the Islamic Republic. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the upcoming talks, saying that ‘the Western powers must not reveal any weakness while dealing with Iran, and must not cave in on any aspect of its nuclear program.’

‘The west is bowing down to Iran, and at the same time the chief of staff of Iranian military chief is revealing Iran’s true intentions, as he calls for the destruction of Israel,’ said one official, on condition of anonymity.

The official’s comment referenced the speech made by the top ranking officer in the Iranian military, which received coverage from one of Iran’s news agencies. During the speech, the Iranian military chief of staff called for the destruction of the state of Israel.

Earlier, Defense Minister Ehud Barak commented on the upcoming talks in Baghdad, and stated that the Iranians will attempt to display a false front of progress, meant to relieve some of the pressure on the world powers – before asking the west not to level any more sanctions…”

Iran Thinks US and Israel Unable to Attack, Says Barak

Israel National News reports: “Iran is convinced that Israeli and the United States are unable to stage an attack on its nuclear facilities, Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

He added that Iran is only trying to buy time while it tries to reach the point where it cannot be successfully attacked and can develop the capability to manufacture a nuclear weapon.

Speaking at an INSS conference at Tel Aviv University, Barak warned, ‘The Iranian threat is significant and is not disappearing. We are at a fateful crossroads.’ Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spelled out at the conference Israel’s demands from the world powers trying to reach an agreement with Iran over international supervision of its nuclear program. Iran already is enriching 20 percent grade uranium, a key element for a nuclear weapon, and Israel wants it to be restricted to ‘zero enrichment.’

‘Why not draw clear red lines,’ Barak said in his lecture, adding that the Iranian Ayatollah and his aides ‘are not dumb and correctly understand [their nuclear program] is being exposed and that action might be taken to endanger their progress…” (Imam Khamenei, the head cleric of Iran stated: “It matters not if millions of Iranians die from nuclear warfare as long as we are able to rule the world.” You won’t get your prayers answered. Here’s why. God promises Israel an everlasting name, and the God of Israel keeps His promises – Isaiah 56:5. Proof? See the next report.)

Report: Iran sought to strike Jewish, U.S. targets in Azerbaijan

Haaretz reports: “Iran has been implicated in a foiled plot to attack foreign and Jewish targets in Azerbaijan, according to a report published by the Washington Post on Monday.

The report quotes unnamed ‘U.S. and Middle Eastern security officials’ who cited a six-page official report containing details of the investigation. Among the targets of the plot were foreign diplomats and businesses, as well a Jewish elementary school and other targets associated with the local Jewish community.

According to the report, the plot came to light when Balagardash Dashdev, an Azerbaijani man with a criminal background, was revealed to be coordinated shipments of explosives, weapons and cash from inside Iran.

The weapons were smuggled into the country late last year, along with 10 Iranian nationals suspected of being recruited to carry out the attacks, the officials told the Post…”