PA Mufti: Every centimeter of Jerusalem is Islamic

August 22, 2016 — Israel National News reports: “The Palestinian mufti, Sheikh Mohammad Hussein, on Sunday called on ‘the Palestinian people’ and on residents of Jerusalem to gather around the Al-Aqsa Mosque and protect it using whatever means possible.

Hussein’s comments came at a press conference marking the 47th anniversary of the arson at the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Australian citizen Denis Michael Rohan, who was later tried, found to be insane, and hospitalized in a mental institution.

In his comments, Hussein accused Israel of trying to turn Jerusalem into its eternal capital and cleanse out any expression of Arab and Islamic culture from it. He stressed, ‘It is not just Al-Aqsa and its domes which reflect the Islamic nature of the city, but each floor of the holy city, every remnant of the city, and every centimeter attest to the fact that it is an Arab and Islamic city, whose roots lie deep in history and culture.’ …”  (Jerusalem belongs to the Children of Israel – Psalms 122:6.  Since 1948 Israel has again been restored to her own land.  It’s permanent “I will give them [Israel] an everlasting name…” Isaiah 56:5.  See the next report.)

PA: There’s no proof of Jewish existence in Jerusalem

August 19, 2016 — Israel National News reports: “Adnan al-Husayni, the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs in the Palestinian Authority (PA) government, on Thursday accused Jewish organizations of preparing plans to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and to establish an ‘imaginary’ Holy Temple in its place.

Speaking with the Hamas-affiliated Palestine newspaper, Husayni claimed that Israel is aware that the demolition of the Al-Aqsa Mosque will result in a firestorm that would spread to all parts of the country.

But despite the fact that Israel is aware of this, he continued, Israel’s policy is meant to deliberately expel the ‘original’ inhabitants of Jerusalem from their homes, including by demolishing their houses and imposing taxes on them.

Husayni called on UNESCO, the UN’s cultural organization, to act immediately against the excavations carried out by Israel in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Israel, he claimed, is digging tunnels in the area in an attempt to find historical evidence of Jewish existence in the region, ‘but they failed to do so despite all their attempts to falsify the history and the Palestinian historical sites.’…”

 Nasrallah: ‘the Israeli home front will be hit’

August 14, 2016 — YnetNews.com reports: “Hezbollah chairman Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech on Saturday celebrating the ‘anniversary of the end of the Second Lebanon War.’ Speaking from his bunker, his speech was broadcasted on giant screens in the town of Bint J’beil, located only a few hundred yards away from the border with Israel.

Nasrallah said that Israel is in need of a new doctrine. ‘The whole issue of ‘after Haifa’ is over. The Israelis have adopted a new doctrine which isn’t based on a quick victory – meaning that they know that they are unable to achieve (quick victory), and they know that the Israeli home front will be hit during the fighting.’

He also responded to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statements, whereby the prime minister said that anyone who thinks that Israel is weak like a cobweb will receive an iron fist.

‘We saw your ‘iron fist’ in Bint J’beil in 2006. I say this to Netanyahu – you are a society which is weaker than a cobweb, and are fed up with fighting and self-defense.’…” (Nasrallah, Israel is God’s Chosen people – Isaiah 42:1; 45:4; 65: 9, 22.  They will never perish from the earth.  Jehovah promises this by saying: “…I will give them [Israel] an everlasting name” – Isaiah 56:5.  See the next report.)

 Retired Iranian General: We Created Shia Army To Destroy Israel By 2039

August 26, 2016 — Breitbart.com reports: “A retired Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) general, who was deployed to Syria as a senior Iranian commander of Shia troops, said in an interview last week that Iran’s ultimate goal in forming a Shia army is to destroy Israel by 2039.

Brig. Gen. Mohammad Ali Falaki, who is serving with the IRGC’s Afghan Fatemiyoun Division, said that the Fatemiyoun’s establishment facilitated ‘the formation of a Shia liberation army whose commander is Hajj Qassam Soleimani,’ the head of the Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force, the Long War Journal reported.

The army’s chief goal is to eliminate Israel, Falaki said.

‘Forming the first nucleus of the liberation army has the objective that, God willing, we will not have anything called Israel in 23 years,’ he said, adding that Iranian-led troops have already been deployed on Israel’s border…”

 The comeback of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

August 23, 2016 — The Jerusalem Post reports: “It is clear that Iran’s former firebrand-in-chief Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president from 2005-2013, is attempting a political comeback.

First were the well-timed media profiles of visitors making the pilgrimage to his home in Tehran’s Narmak neighborhood seeking favors; next, the Iranian press accounts of Ahmadinejad’s opportunistic trips to Iran’s provinces; then rumors from spokespeople that he intends to run for the presidency in 2017; and now a public letter to the president of the United States seeking the repatriation of $2 billion of assets frozen in the US.

But will all of these efforts and publicity help him succeed in reclaiming the presidency, and winning the mandate of the Islamic Republic’s hardliners?

An Iran poll survey suggests that the former president now trails incumbent Hassan Rouhani by just eight percentage points in a head-to-head match-up, compared with 27 points in May 2015. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story – indeed, Ahmadinejad faces an uphill battle in regaining the regime imprimatur due to heavy political baggage…”  (I won’t even give this Anti-Semitic, Jew hating space in my report.  He hates America and Israel and is a blow-hard windbag.  I Timothy 3:1 – 5 describes everything this leader is.)