Preteens rejecting several biblical teachings, survey reveals

The Christian Post reports: “A prominent Christian researcher is warning that ‘we are on the precipice of Christian invisibility in this nation,’ as new research shows that preteens are rejecting beliefs associated with a biblical worldview. 

In a statement released last week, the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University shared data about the worldviews held by children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. The Cultural Research Center contrasted the views of the preteens with those of parents of children younger than 13, pastors of Christian churches and teenagers. 

The findings of the research are based on responses from 400 preteens collected in December 2022, 600 parents of children younger than 13 gathered in January 2022, 600 pastors of Christian churches collected in February 2022, 400 teenagers gathered in November and December 2022, and a January 2023 survey of 2,000 adults.  

When asked if they believed that ‘Jesus Christ is the only way to experience eternal salvation, based on confessing your sins and relying only upon His forgiveness of your sins,’ just 36% of preteens answered in the affirmative. Thirty-four percent of parents and 54% of children’s pastors said the same. 

Twenty-five percent of preteens agreed that ‘the Bible is the true word of God that should be a guide to knowing right from wrong, and living a good life.’ Significantly higher shares of parents (44%) and children’s pastors (62%) expressed agreement with the statement stressing the value of the Bible…”

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