Radical Islam

Islamic group threatens WorldNetDaily.com

WND.com reports: “A man who says he represents the United Muslim Nations International organization has warned WND to ‘moderate’ its reporting on issues involving Islam because of how Muslims may react.

The warning came in an email to WND from Faarooq al Mohammedi, who said he was asking on behalf of the Muslim organization that WND ‘comply as it would be in the companies (sic) best interest as we would not want to take you down the same rout (sic) as we have with other non-complaint media firms.’

The email warned WND to take ‘extra precaution when publishing religiously sensitive material or in creating religiously sensitive suspicions about peoples (sic) religious beliefs and practices.’

He threatened, ‘We would appreciate it if you could tighten your screening and moderation processes of articles to be published, any fake material published by WND will be taken as a breach of world news standards, religiously sensitive matters are to be based on solid and undeniable facts, failure to produce proofs of such published articles will give us no option but to bring about the complete removal of WND online as well as from the public in any print media.’…” (Persecution is coming soon – II Timothy 3:12; Galatians 6:12; Revelation 6:9.)

Muslims demanding revolution, Shariah law

WND.com reports: “Two radical Muslims who have set up a base of operations in the United Kingdom are calling for a revolution in India, the installation of Shariah Islamic law there and the implementation of an Islamic state.

The alarming call to action was the subject of a report by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, which said the plan is for the destruction of Hindu temples and statues; the elimination of Bollywood, India’s movie industry; and the institution of Shariah under which non-Muslims would pay a special tax to be allowed to live there.

‘The two leaders of this organization are identified as Sheikh Anjem Choudary and Sheikh Omar Muhammad Bakri,’ the report said.

‘There is a consensus among all Muslim scholars that it is not permitted for non-Muslims to have authority over Muslims. Allah says in the Quran, ‘I have created you (Muslims) a leading Ummah (nation) in order to witness the affairs of mankind,’’ the campaign’s new website explains…” (Shariah Law is dangerous and death dealing. Honor killings come to daughters who have a sexual experience while unmarried; executed by a father, brother, or first cousin. Homosexuals are wiped out in Muslim lands where Shariah Law rules.)

Egypt’s Brotherhood says it should govern

AFP reports: “A spokesman for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood which now dominates parliament called on Thursday for the caretaker cabinet to be sacked and replaced with a Brotherhood one after deadly football riots.

The Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, which won almost half of parliament’s seats in elections over November and December, had said it would work with the military-appointed cabinet for a transitional period.

But the Brotherhood’s spokesman Mahmud Ghozlan said the February 1 riot at a football stadium in the Mediterranean town of Port Said, which left more than 70 dead, showed that the government had failed to manage the country.

The incident ‘proved that the cabinet has failed in administering the country,’ he told AFP.

‘If this happens, the party that won the most votes is best suited’ to form a government, he said in response to a question on whether the Brotherhood’s party should form the cabinet…” (The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is one of the strongest extremist terrorist groups ever. Watch out Israel, the previous peace pact with Israel under President Mubarak may soon be shattered – Jeremiah 6:14; 8:11.)

Underwear Bomber Abdulmutallab: “Proud to Kill in the Name of God”

ABC News reports: “Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to bring down Northwest flight 253 over Detroit on Christmas Day 2009 with an underwear bomb, said he was was ‘proud to kill in the name of God’ before he was sentenced to multiple life sentences in a Detroit courtroom.

‘Today is a day of victory and God is great,’ said Abdulmutallab, 25. He also said that al Qaeda would one day be victorious, and that acts like his will continue until ‘the righteous servants of Allah inherit the world.’

‘The defendant has never expressed doubt or remorse about his mission,’ said Judge Nancy Edmunds in imposing four life sentences plus 50 years. ‘To the contrary, he sees that mission as divinely inspired and a continuing mission.’…” (No comment necessary. It’s called a peaceful religion – Christianity differs – “Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren” – I John 3:16.)