Report: US in talks on peacekeeping team in Gaza

Israel National News reports: “Biden administration officials are in preliminary ‘conversations’ about options for stabilizing post-war Gaza, including a proposal for the Pentagon to help fund either a multinational force or a Palestinian Arab peacekeeping team, Politico reported on Thursday.

The options being considered would not involve US troops on the ground, according to two Defense Department officials and two other US officials quoted in the report. Instead, DOD funding would go toward the needs of the security force and complement assistance from other countries.

Asked for comment, a senior administration official said, ‘We are working with partners on various scenarios for interim governance and security structures in Gaza once the crisis recedes. We’ve had a number of conversations with both the Israelis and our partners about key elements for the day after in Gaza when the time is right.’

According to Politico, it could be weeks or months before Washington and its partners approve any plan, especially since regional players want to see a commitment to a two-state solution before seriously engaging with the options. There are also questions about the viability of training a potential Palestinian Arab-led force in time to maintain order in Gaza, the report said…”

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