Faster Speeding Bullets: Russia Test-Fires Its Own Railgun

July 25, 2016SpaceDaily.com reports: “A team of Russian scientists has successfully tested the country’s first railgun, which relies on electromagnetic forces rather than explosives or propellant, according to RIA Novosti.

Railguns are powered by electromagnetic conductors instead of gunpowder or explosives, allowing them to inflict major damage; Russian scientists have successfully test-fired the country’s first such weapon.

According to scientists, they managed to use the device to fire bullets at an incredibly fast velocity of 11 kilometers per second (regular military guns fire bullets at about 2 km/s). This is something that they said is enough to allow an object to overcome gravity and reach the Earth’s orbit, and almost enough to allow it to enter outer space.

As weapons, railguns could prove to be especially effective in that the high kinetic energy possessed by the projectiles they fire using electromagnetic forces allows them to ably penetrate objects such as armor or ship bulkheads.

The US Navy has been working on the creation of such weaponry since the mid-2000s, when the first prototypes of such systems were installed on board a new generation of destroyers…”  (Russia will head up World War III – Armageddon – Revelation 16:16.  Russia is described in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39, and China in Revelation 16:12.  Also Daniel 12:4 predicts the impact of advanced knowledge, undoubtedly for the weapons for warfare near the hour for Christ’s return.  See the next two reports.)


Russia Creating Cutting-Edge Universal Nuclear Battleship

July 28, 2016SpaceWar.com reports: “Russia’s Severnoye Design Bureau has started working on the Project 23560 Leader-class destroyer that will combine the features of a destroyer, large antisubmarine warship and guided missile cruiser. The ship will most likely be nuclear powered. It will be capable of spending up to 90 days offshore without additional refueling or support.

‘The Leader will be a universal ship, triple-hatted as a destroyer, large ASW ship and guided missile cruiser while being smaller than Project 1144 ships and carrying far more weaponry,’ news publication The Defence Talk reported Valeriy Polovinki, advisor to the director general of the Krylov State Research Center that worked out the destroyer’s preliminary design military, as saying.

He further said that the self-contained operation of such ships is usually based on their stock of provisions and their nuclear propulsion plants can go on without refueling for years.

The Leader-class destroyers are expected to be equipped with Kalibr-NK cruise missiles and S-500 air defense systems.

As exhibited by its mockup, the destroyer will be 200 meters long and 20 meters wide. It will be able to travel at a maximum speed of 32 knots.

The multipurpose warship will have anti-aircraft, anti-ballistic missile, anti-surface and anti-submarine capabilities…”


China Schedules Military Drills with Russia in South China Sea

July 29, 2016Breitbert.com reports: “The Chinese government has announced that it will hold naval drills with the Russian military in the South China Sea in September, a move following an international court verdict stating that China does not have sovereignty over most of the South China Sea.

The Chinese defense ministry has described the joint military operation as ‘routine’ and ‘aimed at strengthening the developing China-Russia strategic cooperative partnership.’ It has explicitly denied that the drill is a ploy to flex collective military muscle and scare off ‘third parties.’ A defense ministry spokesman affirmed the exercise was necessary for ‘deepen mutual trust and expand cooperation, raise the ability to jointly deal with security threats, and benefit the maintenance of regional and global peace and stability.’

It is unclear whether the operations will take place in disputed South China Sea territory. China claims most of the major trade route, including areas that are the sovereign territory of Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Earlier this month, China lost a case against the Philippines at the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague. The court found that China’s claims were unfounded and that it must cease its illegal military and fishing activities in the region.

China, in turn, called the verdict a ‘farce,’ once again asserted that the territory belonging to its neighbors had been Chinese since ‘ancient times,’ and vowed to ignore the verdict completely. According to Chinese state media, the verdict was orchestrated by ‘eunuch’ American and Japanese officials to embarrass China…”