Dutch Girl Euthanized in Netherlands After Suffering Childhood Rape

June 5, 2019 — Breitbart.com reports: “A 17-year-old Dutch girl was euthanized at her home after saying the trauma of being raped as a child made her feel she couldn’t keep living.

Taking advantage of the Netherlands’ permissive euthanasia laws, Noa Pothoven of Arnhem asked to be put to death because the suffering of having been molested and raped as a child was ‘unbearable,’ a decision that does not require parental consent.

She died last Sunday.

Noa had battled for years with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anorexia after being molested and raped as a young girl, a topic she dealt with at length in a memoir titled Winning or Learning.

She was sexually assaulted three times as a youngster, the first two times she was molested when she attended children’s parties at the ages of 11 and 12, and the third times when she was raped by two men when she was 14.

‘Out of fear and shame, I relive the fear, that pain every day. Always scared, always on my guard. And to this day my body still feels dirty,’ she said. ‘My house has been broken into, my body, that can never be undone.’…”  (Job 7:1 asks: “Is there not an appointed time to men on the earth?“  God’s Ten Commandments are eternal. The term in Exodus 20:7 stating “Thou shalt not kill” is murder. Our Lord Jesus translated the commandment correctly in Matthew 19:18. All who kill and murder others will be eternally separated from God – that includes abortionists and euthanasia’s)