Devotional Set: Tender Touch

God’s Love Letter

One of the nicest things about holiday seasons is being with our family and friends — having the privilege of sharing worship, food, and fellowship with those we love. Oh, how Jack and I cherish […]

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Have you ever wondered how the world must look to a little baby? After nine months of confinement, tucked close beneath its mother’s heart, the world must seem a strange, vast place. Looking up from […]

Listen to the Birds

My husband, Jack, and I have a special fondness for birds. We enjoy seeing them fly, darting from tree to tree, soaring and wheeling about, riding the wind in joyous freedom. And it’s fun to […]

Through the Eyes of a Child

Just last week I met and talked with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. Right away I said, “You look so sad!” I could tell by her eyes. Certainly our eyes do serve […]

Remember, I’m Your Friend

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast; but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel (Proverbs 12: 10). Ever since I was a little girl, animals and flying creatures have been very […]

Stop! Look? Listen!

First, winter slips away…then spring comes and goes…and then summer is upon us. I think sometimes we fail to appreciate this beautiful change of seasons. The wonder of God’s creation becomes commonplace and we take […]

A Lesson For Life From a Donkey

One of the great ironies in the gospel accounts of Jesus’ last days on earth is the story of His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. We still remember and commemorate this event each year on Palm […]

World Aflame!

Fire! What do you think of when you hear that word? Does it set off an alarm in your mind, warning of danger, destruction, possibly even death from roaring, angry flames? Or perhaps you envision […]

She Was a Stray and I Took Her In

I heard her crying the minute I got out of the car! Dr. Van Impe and I had just arrived home from a crusade trip on a beautiful August night several years ago. It was […]

Are You in Contact With Your Spirit Guide?

We’re hearing so much in this day about the New Age Movement and how we should be in contact with our “other self” through our “spirit guide.” These concepts are being taught in our public […]

Count It All Joy

There is no easy road to satisfaction. One reason for this is that no one has ever lived a life free from difficulties. Everyone faces trials, and all of us know suffering in one way […]

A Blaze of Glory

That day is coming, dear one… The day we shall see Christ as He is. At that final moment of earthís history for us, will He find us blazing bright with His message of love […]