Devotional Set: Tender Touch

The Night God

The ancient Greeks loved the theater. Their writers created elaborate stories — both comedies and tragedies — in the form of plays to be acted out in their amphitheaters. Greek actors, skilled at playing many […]

They Shall Mount Up

All of us at some point in our lives have had traumatic experiences. Life has a way of forcing us to cope with difficulty, pain, sorrow, and stress. Some people seem to come through every […]

The Quest for Peace

I heard a story recently about a nagging wife who kept writing complaining letters to her serviceman husband who was on combat duty in another country. Finally, after receiving yet another hateful letter, the husband […]


“You have such an exciting life! It must be wonderful to travel about and meet so many interesting and important people…” In years past, Dr. Van Impe and I have visited dozens of cities hosting […]

How Do You Handle Guilt

“How do I handle the guilt of having lived in adultery for twenty years?” a woman asked me. First, I led her to the Lord. Then I assured her that the past was forgotten, just […]