Kuwait Parliament Approves Death Penalty for Those Who Insult Allah

Breitbart.com reports: “Kuwait’s parliament has approved the death penalty for any Muslim who insults Allah, ‘his prophets, messengers, Prophet Mohammed’s wives or the Koran, in any form of expression, if they don’t repent.’

The law requires judges to give offenders an opportunity to repent. If the offender repents, he gets to live but faces prison for at least five years and a fine of $36,000. ‘Non-Muslims will be sentenced to 10 years in prison if convicted of violating the law.’

40 Kuwaiti lawmakers, including ‘all Cabinet members present,’ voted for the new law…” (This headline above is what happens when Shariah Law is practiced — Daniel 7:25. When the Antichrist and religious false prophet become a team – Revelation 13:1, 7, 8, 11 – 18; Shariah (blasphemy) law is installed globally and infidels of any religion outside of Islam are penalized and slaughtered by either crucifixion or beheading – Sura 5:33; Sura 47:4. Revelation 20:4 documents what happens when Islamic terrorists begin the greatest death campaign ever perpetrated on our planet. The next nine reports demonstrate Islam’s hatred for Christianity.)

Amnesty ‘outrage’ at Saudi paralysis sentence

BBC News reports: “The reported sentencing of paralysis for a Saudi man as punishment for paralysing another man has been described as ‘outrageous’ by a leading human rights group.

Saudi reports say the 24-year-old man could be paralysed from the waist down if he cannot pay his victim one million riyals (£250,000) in compensation.

Amnesty International says the sentence is a form of torture.

The man has been in prison for 10 years since he stabbed a friend in the back.

Saudi newspapers say Ali al-Khawahir was 14 when he paralysed his friend in the attack in the Eastern Province town of al-Ahsa.

The law of qisas, or retribution, in Saudi Arabia means his victim can demand that he suffers exactly the same punishment as he caused.

‘Paralysing someone as punishment for a crime would be torture,’ said Ann Harrison, Middle East and North Africa deputy director at Amnesty.

‘It is time the authorities in Saudi Arabia start respecting their international legal obligations and remove these terrible punishments from the law.’

This is the latest example of Saudi Arabia’s fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic law attracting international criticism.

Amnesty says the law has seen judicially approved eye-gougings and tooth extractions…”

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina rejects blasphemy law

BBC News reports: “Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina has firmly rejected demands by Islamists for a new anti-blasphemy law to punish those who defame Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

In a BBC interview, she said existing laws were sufficient to punish anyone who attempted to insult religion.

Her comments came just days after hundreds of thousands of supporters of an umbrella organisation of Islamists held a massive rally in Dhaka.

The marchers called for the death penalty for those guilty of blasphemy.

Ms Hasina said: ‘They have demanded it. Actually, we don’t have any plan to [bring in the law]. We don’t need it. They should know that existing laws are enough.

‘This country is a secular democracy. So each and every religion has the right to practice their religion freely and fair. But it is not fair to hurt anybody’s religious feeling. Always we try to protect every religious sentiment.’

The Islamists have given a three-week ultimatum to the government to meet their demands, including tough punishment to those who they describe as atheist bloggers, who are also accused of making derogatory comments against Islam.

‘We will go through all the demands and then we will see. If there is any reasonable one, we will fulfill. If it is not reasonable or not suitable for our country or society we will not accept it,’ the prime minister said…”

Muslim mob burns Christian village over ‘blasphemy’

WND.com reports: “An entire Christian village near the Pakistani city of Lahore reportedly was attacked and burned to the ground by a Muslim mob enraged over claims that a Christian resident insulted the Muslim founder Muhammad.

The rioting followed the arrest and detention of Joseph Colony resident Sawan Masih. Masih allegedly got into a heated religious discussion in a restaurant, and a Muslim threatened to accuse him of blasphemy under Pakistan’s notorious law.

When police arrived, they arrested Masih, according to reports.

Former PLO terrorist-turned-Islam-analyst Walid Shoebat noted that police stood down during and allowed the rioting to take place as Masih was detained.

The mob, estimated to be about 3,000 Muslims, burned down hundreds of buildings, said Shoebat, who has sources who assisted Christian families affected by the attack.

World Watch Monitor, citing the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, estimates the number of destroyed houses at over 150.

The majority were Christian homes, Shoebat pointed out…”