Google app helps Muslims report ‘blasphemy’

December 11, 2018WND.com reports: “A new Google Android app helps Muslims report individuals who commit blasphemy or insult Islam.

With ‘Smart Pakem,’ launched in Indonesia last month at the request of the Indonesian government, users and government officials can report people who hold ‘misguided’ beliefs in violation of Islamic law, reports Big League Politics.

Islamic law, also called Shariah, forbids insults of Islam and the recognition of any other religion.

In Indonesia, which has the world’s largest Muslim population, the criminal code prohibits blasphemy. It’s defined as ‘the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things.’

The penalty for blasphemy in the country of 207 million is a maximum of five years imprisonment.

Big League Politics noted Google’s vice president for Southeast Asia, Rajan Anandan, has not shown any resistance to the app, which is available in the Google app store.

Human Rights Watch has reported 148 people have been convicted of blasphemy in Indonesia since 2004…”  (According to a 2017 report by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, there are 71 countries that criminalize views deemed to be blasphemous.  The punishment for blasphemy range from fines to the death penalty.  In the Middle East and North Africa, 18 of the 20 nations treat insults to Islam as a criminal offence, and 14 of those also criminalize apostasy.  While Iran and Pakistan are the only two nations that enshrine the death penalty in law, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia carry it out.) 

Middle Eastern Women Share Chilling Sharia Law Stories: ‘Silence Is Killing Us’

December 14, 2018Breitbart.com reports: “Rabia Kazan has witnessed first-hand the mistreatment and abuse of women in Iran who live under Sharia law, and she knows millions more are suffering and even dying from honor killings, female genital mutilation, child sex trafficking, and child marriage across the Middle East.

Kazan and almost two dozen other women from or with roots in the Middle East spent two days in Washington, DC., to share their stories and to take their message directly to President Donald Trump and Congress. They said they are grateful for Trump’s willingness to confront these issues and will do their part to help him get elected to a second term in 2020.

‘Unfortunately, the whole world ignores our pain,’ Kazan said on Tuesday at the National Press Club. ‘They torture our girls; they stone women; kill our women in the name of Sharia law under the Islamic regime.’

‘We have to thank President Trump because in two years, finally, we’re getting help,’ said Kazan, a native of Turkey and founder of the Middle East Women’s Coalition, the group that came to the nation’s capital to get their message out.

‘We’re going to give a voice and endorse President Trump because silence is killing us,’ Kazan said…”  (As I have shared numerous times on our program and in the Van Impe Intelligence Briefing, the American Thinker web page lists the top ten reasons why sharia is bad for all societies coming to the conclusion that Sharia Law ultimately degrades societies and diminishes freedom:

  • Islam commands offensive, aggressive and unjust jihad which is a holy war
  • Islam orders apostates to be killed
  • Islam orders death for Muslims and death for non-Muslim critics of Muhammad and the Quran, and even Sharia itself
  • Islam orders unmarried fornicators to be whipped, put to death, and adulterers to be stones
  • Islam commands all homosexuals to be executed
  • Islam commands that highway robbers should be crucified or mutilated
  • Islam commands that a male and female thief must have a hand cut off
  • Islam allows an injured plaintiff to exact legal revenge, physical eye for physical eye
  • Islam allows husbands to beat their wives
  • Islam commands that drinkers and gamblers be beaten.)