Dear Rev. Van Impe,

Things are happening so fast in the news. I can hardly keep up. I look for your message to help me understand the news now. I wish you could be on TV daily. I wish your website could be minute to minute. No one except a few of the clergy will tell us what is happening according to the Bible. I detect in the Military commentators an urgency but they do not go into details. I do not understand Israel going to war and with ground troops. I hope you will tell us about that in your next program.

Bottom line. We out here are scared. I know we will be saved but it is still scary.   I am trying to alert my children but they do not want to hear gloom (a thing of being young I guess). My dream for you would be that you could be a commentator alongside the Fox news. Kind of a split screen thing and explain how everything relates to the Bible. LOL

Thank you for being. Thank you for teaching and telling us.

You know I prayed the Lord’s Prayer over and over throughout my life and never realized that it tells the whole story from beginning to end. I told my children what is going to happen is right in the Lord’s Prayer.


Sue J.