Dr. Van Impe,

I cannot express how thankful I am for your faithfulness to lift up your voice in warning to the Body of Christ at large as it faces ever increasing deceptions as we draw nearer to the time of the coming of the Lord.   It is astounding to watch ministers of God fall into deception as they forsake the Word of God.   I know that the Spirit of God is grieved with the enemy’s tactics as he attempts a last ditch effort to deceive Christians because he knows that he has a short time left.   As painful as it has been dear sir to publicly name people who have fallen prey to the devil’s snare, I just want you to know that there are Christians out here who are thankful and are praying for both you and your wife as you do what God has put upon your heart.   May God rescue these ministers as well as those who have taken it upon themselves to mistranslate the Holy Scriptures to placate those deceived by the lie that is Islam. May God have mercy upon them all as well as our country which has forsaken the right way.


Alan B.

Seattle, Washington