Dear Rexella and Jack Van Impe,

I know this will not be read on air, but I just wanted to let the two of you know you have touched my heart so deeply. I love watching your program online and I take notes every time I watch your program. It is much easier that way so I can pause the program so I don’t miss anything you say. I even write out the articles when I can see them, so I have reference to show people when I tell them about your messages, whenever I get to see anyone. Since I have been so diligent in watching your program and writing down Jack’s bible references, I no longer dread what is to come. I now have peace in my heart and know I have nothing to worry about. I look forward to hearing the Lord say “Come up hither.” Oh, what a glorious day that will be! I thank you both for your loving kindness in letting not only me, but all who can get your program, hear the truth. The two of you have a very special place in my heart because you have shown me so very much and opened my eyes. Now I go on Facebook and tell others who try to cover up the truth to watch you and that Jack knows what he is talking about. No one has ever doubted what you say that I know of or I would have to give them what for and look up scriptures to tell them what is what. Keep up the great work! And, Jack, I am so glad the Lord saved you and you are able to get out what needs to be told.


With Much Love From my Heart to Both of Yours,

Christine S.