Thank you so much for your passion for Jesus our Lord

Thank you so much for your passion for Jesus our Lord and your love of His Word. Thanks also to Rexella for her role in the ministry bring the headlines each week. You have found a great partner and companion. Praise God for your godly marriage and great example of marriage. Thank you for exposing the false Christian teachers and not shrinking back from your convictions God has entrusted you with. Your comments about the “give to get” theology was right on. Those who preach that falsehood are leading so many astray causing needless hurt and are condemning themselves to hell.

Also thank you for sounding the alarm of the Muslim attack of Christianity and the apathy of our Christian leaders. I so very much respect your leadership and you inspire me to study and memorize scripture more and more.

My wife and I watch you every Sunday evening, you are on my IPhone calendar as a regular scheduled event. I just want to encourage you to keep preaching the Word and thank God he restored your health so you could carry on the work of the ministry. God is good and has been merciful to me.

“I love the Lord for he heard my voice, He heard my cry for mercy, because he turned His ear to me, I will call on Him all the days of my life.”

In His Service,

Lary S.