South Korean government website hit by cyber attacks

SpaceDaily.com reports: “South Korea’s intelligence service is investigating a major cyber-attack on the main government website by hackers traced to China, officials said.

The attacks lasted around three-and-a-half hours, slowing traffic on the site (http://korea.go.kr) which provides information on policies and services, said the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

The ministry said its cyber security team had been on alert for such attacks as tensions rose with North Korea.

Hackers used about 120 China-based Internet servers, a ministry spokesman told AFP, adding the government took immediate measures to thwart the ‘distributed denial of service’ (DDoS) attacks.

‘We are now tracing the origin of the attacks’ in cooperation with intelligence authorities and other government offices, he said.

South Korea’s spy chief blamed North Korea for cyber-attacks from China-based servers that briefly crippled US and South Korean government and commercial websites last July…” (The next three reports are shocking as cyber-attacks are so overwhelmingly devastating that an emergency meeting is being planned in Estonia. This event is drastically needed because the destruction of computer systems could place the entire world back in the stone age – II Timothy 3:1; Luke 21:25. See the next two reports.)

Global cyber security experts to meet in Estonia

SpaceDaily.com reports: “Top cyber security experts will focus on the role of IT in national security at a meeting next week in Tallinn, an official at NATO’s Tallinn-based cyber defence centre said Wednesday.

‘The conference will be attended by various cyber security experts and professionals from related disciplines in governments, military and academia to discuss the growing connection between computer security and national security,’ NATO cyber defence centre spokeswoman Liisa Tallinn told AFP.

The four-day international conference tackling the issue of cyber conflicts takes place in the Estonian capital June 15-18 and is organised by the Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence created by the NATO Western defence alliance in Tallinn…”

U.S. Backs Talks on Cyber Warfare

The Wall Street Journal reports: “The chief of the Pentagon’s new cyber-security command on Thursday endorsed talks with Russia over a proposal to limit military attacks in cyberspace, representing a significant shift in U.S. policy.

The U.S. has for years objected to Russian proposals to establish a kind of arms-control treaty for cyber weapons, arguing that international cooperation should first focus on reducing cyber-crime. Russia has been working to marshal support for a United Nations treaty to limit the use of cyber weapons, such as software code that could destroy an enemy’s computer systems.

‘What Russia’s put forward is, perhaps, the starting point for international debate,’ Gen. Keith Alexander said Thursday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank. ‘It’s something that we should, and probably will, carefully consider.’

In the past, the U.S. has also frowned on Russian proposals because a treaty wouldn’t necessarily prohibit countries from using third parties to conduct cyber warfare. Cyber-security specialists say Russia and China rely on proxy groups to conduct attacks on enemies, as Russia allegedly did in 2008 against Georgia. China and Russia deny such accusations…”