ISIS Calls for Christmas Jihad: ‘Coldly Kill Them With Hate And Rage’

December 26, 2020  — PJMedia.com reports: “Another Christmas is upon us, and it’s the same old story: in Muslim lands, Christians are oppressed and in constant danger of violent jihad attacks. And in the lands once known as Christendom, jihadis threaten new jihad massacres.

And so it was no surprise when International Christian Concern reported Wednesday that ‘security forces in Pakistan reportedly stopped a major terror attack planned to take place on Christmas Day in Peshawar. In a raid on a house in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Khyber district, four terrorists, including the leader of a banned militant outfit, were arrested.’ Among those arrested was Zakir Afridi, the commander of the jihad terror group Lashkar-e-Islam.

‘Along with the terrorists,’ International Christian Concern reported, ‘security forces seized three suicide jackets and six improvised explosive devices.’…”  (Killing is rewarded in Islam.  Not only do they receive 72 virgins as righteous and martyred godly men, but what even more shocking is they get to choose 70 relatives and friends to go to heaven.  Their plan of winning the lost is a sick one and against God’s plan which is: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life – John 3:16.  See the next two reports.)

ISIS offers threatening religious chant for holiday season

December 21, 2020  — WND.com reports: “ISIS supporters are distributing online an audio clip of a new holiday tune.

It’s called ‘Coldly kill them with hate and rage.’

The Middle East Media Research Institute said the clip was posted on the social media platform Telegram with the hashtag #MerryChristmas.

MEMRI said the ‘nasheed,’ an Islamic religious chant, urges followers ‘to carry out attacks in the name of ISIS to seek vengeance for Muslims who have been killed in the past, and to join its efforts to fight on behalf of the Islamic religion and to terrorize its enemies.’

The performer is not identified, MEMRI said, and the recording appears to be a personal undertaking, since it was not professionally produced by the ISIS central media organ…”

Report: 1000 Girls Forcibly Converted to Islam in Pakistan Each Year

December 29, 2020Breitbart.com reports: “Some 1,000 girls are forced to convert to Islam in Pakistan each year, according to a report Monday from the Associated Press (AP).

The forced conversions often take place as a prelude to non-consensual marriages and frequently involve underage girls, AP stated, a practice that has only increased during the long months of coronavirus lockdowns.

‘Forced conversions thrive unchecked on a money-making web that involves Islamic clerics who solemnize the marriages, magistrates who legalize the unions and corrupt local police who aid the culprits by refusing to investigate or sabotaging investigations,’ AP declared, citing child protection activists.

These conversions and forced marriages are often sanctioned by state authorities, making it particularly difficult to help the victims…”