US, China to hold AI talks in Switzerland

Voice of America News reports: “U.S. and Chinese officials plan to meet in Switzerland on Tuesday to discuss artificial intelligence security concerns.

U.S. officials said the Geneva talks will not open the door for China to influence technology policy. Representatives from both countries will discuss ways to reduce the dangers associated with AI, U.S. officials said.

‘We certainly don’t see eye to eye…on many AI topics and applications, but we believe that communication on critical AI risks can make the world safer,’ a U.S. senior official said.

Beijing and Washington are in a tight race to dominate the AI landscape. China is leveraging AI ‘capabilities across civilian as well as military/national security sectors,’ a U.S official said. Beijing’s use of AI could compromise ‘both U.S. and allied national security,’ he added.

Another official said the U.S. is competing with China to set the rules on AI and ‘explore if some of the rules can be embraced by all countries.’

The AI talks were initiated last month following U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Beijing, where he met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi…”

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