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Iranian air chief: ‘We’re ready for the decisive war that will destroy Israel’

The Times of Israel reports: “Amid fears of escalation, hours after Israeli airstrikes destroyed Iranian installations and reportedly killed military personnel in Syria, Iran’s air force chief said Monday the country’s youths were ‘impatient’ to […]

Iranian Defense Minister: We’ll launch another satellite soon

Israel National News reports: “Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Wednesday that another domestic satellite will be launched into the space in near future, the Mehr news agency reported. ‘From the two satellites that […]

U.S. Air Force tests microwave, laser weapon systems reports: “The U.S. Air Force announced it is planning future experiments involving laser and microwave energy weapons after recent successes in testing sessions. Future experiments in the Directed Energy Experimentation Campaign are planned at […]

Christian Group: Boko Haram Razed at Least 1,125 Churches Since 2009 reports: “Boko Haram jihadis have set ablaze a total of 1,125 churches and other religious structures belonging to just one Christian denomination in Nigeria since the terrorist group launched an uprising for Islamist rule […]

Putin’s plan to slowly reclaim Russia’s lost empire

Asia Times Online reports: “Last week, Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic offered a lavish welcome to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tens of thousands flooded Belgrade to greet Putin in front of the Orthodox Saint Sava Church, […]

Islamic Jihad: We’ll continue on the path of resistance

Israel National News reports: “Abu Hamza, a spokesman for the Al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad’s military/terrorist wing, said on Tuesday that the organization would continue to place the issue of prisoners at the top of […]

‘Arabs should ally with Israel, Iran is more dangerous’

Israel National News reports: “Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports Syrian opposition activist and writer Issam Zeitoun appeared on a debate about Israel on Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) on January 16, 2019. Zeitoun said that […]

Netanyahu to Hamas: ‘If you escalate, the response will be destructive’

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hamas not to escalate violence in Gaza, warning on Wednesday of a strong response if it does so. ‘There may be someone in Gaza who thought […]

Russia says range of disputed missile is allowed under INF treaty reports: “Moscow on Wednesday insisted the range of a missile system that has prompted Washington to say it will withdraw from a key Cold War arms treaty is allowed under the agreement. Russian artillery […]

Syria’s UN envoy threatens retaliatory attack on Ben Gurion Airport

The Times of Israel reports: “Syria’s envoy to the United Nations warned Tuesday that if the world body did not halt Israeli strikes on his country, Syria would retaliate with an attack on Ben Gurion […]

Tensions Between Israel and Iran Rise Over Syria

Voice of America News reports: “Twenty-one people were killed by Israeli airstrikes Monday in Syria. The dead reportedly including 12 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The latest round of attacks between Israel and Iran […]

Joint US-Israeli anti-ballistic missile system hits the mark

Israel National News reports: “Israel and the United States conducted a joint missile test Tuesday morning of an anti-ballistic missile system. The operation Tuesday, part of a joint project of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s ‘Homa’ […]