Month: November 2018

China Building ‘Orphanages’ to Lock Up Muslim Uighur Children ‘Like Farm Animals’ reports: “China is building ‘dozens’ of new orphanages to lock up thousands of Muslim Uighur children as young as six months old ‘like farm animals in the shed,’ the religion editor for the Atlantic […]

U.S. says seized weapons show that Iran is a regional threat reports: “US officials on Thursday displayed military equipment they say confirms that Iran is increasingly supplying weapons to militants across the Middle East and is continuing its missile program unabated. At a military hangar […]

China vexed by US Navy ships sailing through Taiwan Strait reports: “China expressed concern on Thursday after two US Navy ships sailed through the Taiwan Strait, the third such operation this year. ‘China will pay close attention to and stay informed of US warships […]

Israel reportedly strikes pro-Iranian militia sites in Syria

The Times of Israel reports: “A number of pro-Iranian militia bases and Iranian weapons caches in southern Syria were targeted by Israeli airstrikes on Thursday night, according to the Al-Arabiya news site. Explosions were also […]

Europe agrees to back UN resolution condemning Hamas terror group

The Times of Israel reports: “The European Union agreed to support a US-sponsored United Nations General Assembly resolution condemning Hamas, following negotiations with Washington, diplomats said Thursday. The draft resolution will likely be voted on […]

Two U.S. Navy ships pass through Taiwan Strait, opposing China

Reuters reports: “The United States sent two Navy ships through the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday in the third such operation this year, as the U.S. military increases the frequency of transits through the strategic waterway […]

In letter to UN, Hamas condemns ‘miserable’ US-led resolution against it

The Times of Israel reports: “Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh sent an open letter to United Nations General Assembly President Maria Fernanda Espinosa and to its member states late Wednesday, slamming a US-led push to condemn […]

Arab League: Israel is ‘Judaizing’ Jerusalem

Israel National News reports: “The League of Arab States accused Israel of attempting to ‘Judaize’ Jerusalem. Majed Abdelfattah Abdelaziz, the representative for the Arab League, addressed the opening meeting of the United Nations commemoration of […]

Report: Saudi Arabia, Egypt work to mend Arab ties with Israel

Israel National News reports: “The leaders of Saudi Arabia and Egypt are working together to convince other Arab countries to take steps toward mending relations with Israel in accordance with Israel’s demand as part of […]

CNN Contributor Marc Lamont Hill Calls for Destruction of Israel, Endorses Palestinian Violence reports: “CNN Contributor Marc Lamont Hill told the United Nations on Wednesday that Israel should be replaced by a Palestinian state, and defended the Palestinian use of violence against Israel. Hill was speaking at […]

Uighur Woman: China Killed My Infant, Electrocuted Me in Muslim ‘Concentration Camp’ reports: “Mihrigul Tursun wept as she told reporters at a press conference in Washington, DC, on Monday about her months of internment at what she called a Chinese ‘concentration camp.’ Tursun said she was […]

After the caliphate: What next for ISIS?

BBC News reports: “A US-backed alliance of Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighters is closing in on the last pocket of territory in eastern Syria controlled by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS). Four years ago, […]