A Nuclear Iran

Iran ‘May have Tested Nukes in North Korea in 2010’

Israel National News reports: “The Sunday morning edition of Germany’s Die Welt, quoted by leading journalist David Goldman in Pajamas Media, reports that Western intelligence agencies detected two nuclear weapons tests in North Korea in 2010, and that one or both of them might have been conducted for Iran. The author is the respected German analyst and former top official Hans Rühle, who quotes new documentation showing that the Iranian regime began its drive for nuclear weapons as early as 1984, under the direct orders of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Evidence of the 2010 nuclear tests in North Korea was published February 3 in Nature magazine, citing the work of the Swedish nuclear physicist Lars-Erik de Geer. The scientist analyzed data showing the presence of radioisotopes that indicated a uranium bomb had exploded and after a year of work, wrote Nature, ‘concluded that North Korea carried out two small nuclear tests in April and May 2010 that caused explosions in the range of 50–200 tons of TNT equivalent.’

Rühle reasons that North Korea would probably not have been secretive about the testing if it were carried out for its own nuclear arsenal, and notes that while its previous nuclear tests used bombs with a plutonium core, the 2010 tests apparently employed enriched uranium. The most likely explanation for this, Rühle concludes, ‘would be that North Korea conducted a nuclear test for a foreign entity, in this case, an Iranian explosive.’…” (Persia in Ezekiel 38:5 changed its name to Iran in 1935. And unites with Russia – Ezekiel 38:1, 2, and 6 for World War III – Armageddon – Revelation 16:16. The nukes will abound during this alliance – Malachi 4:1; Zephaniah 1:18; Revelation 8:7; 9:18.)

IAEA chief: Iran not telling us everything about its nuclear program

Haaretz reports: “ran is not being completely open about its nuclear program, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency told CNN.

˜We have the indication or information that Iran has engaged in activities relevant to the development of nuclear explosive devices,’ Yukiya Amano told CNN.

In a videoed interview, Amano said Iran has declared a number of nuclear facilities to the IAEA, which has them under its safeguards. ‘For these facilities and activities, I can tell that they are in peaceful purpose,’ Amano said…” (If Iran gets the bomb before its alliance with Russia mentioned in Ezekiel 38:1, 2, 5 as Magog, Mesheh, Tubal and Rosh [Russia], all hell will break loose as armies for and against Iran prepare for battle.)

‘IAEA cannot be sure Iran’s nuclear program lacks military aims’

Haaretz reports: “The director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency said his organization could not be sure that Iran’s nuclear program did not have military aims.

‘The agency is unable to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran and therefore to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities,’ Yukiya Amano said, according to a copy of his speech to a closed-door meeting of the IAEA’s 35-nation governing board.

Amano said that since late last year, Iran had tripled monthly output of higher-grade enriched uranium.

Amano also outlined his agency’s failure in recent months to get Iran to grant access to locations, scientists and documents in order to clear up allegations of nuclear weapons development projects.

‘Despite intensive discussions, there was no agreement on a structured approach to resolving these issues,’ Amano told the country board, stressing that the investigation should be conducted according to the priorities of the IAEA, not of Iran…” (Iran’s program is for war. Khamenei, head Iman or cleric of Iran stated: it does not matter if millions of our Muslim people die – it’s worth the death of millions to rule the world physically and religiously during the Great Tribulation Hour — Revelation 7:14. See the next report.)

World powers call on Iran to let UN inspectors visit military site

Haaretz reports: “Six world powers called on Iran on Thursday to let international inspectors visit a military site where the UN nuclear watchdog says development work relevant to nuclear weapons may have taken place.

In a joint statement at a board meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the powers also voiced ‘regret’ about Iran’s stepped-up campaign to enrich uranium – activity which can have both civilian and military purposes.

‘We urge Iran to fulfill its undertaking to grant access to Parchin,’ the statement said, referring to the military facility southeast of Tehran. Iran refused access to the complex during two rounds of talks with a senior IAEA team earlier this year.

Western diplomats suspect the Islamic state may now be trying to clean up the site to remove evidence of research with nuclear applications before possibly allowing inspectors in…”

Israel ‘very close’ to tough decision on nuclear Iran

SpaceDaily.com reports: “Israel is ‘very close’ to making a tough decision on whether to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities while it still has the chance, a former Israeli intelligence chief said.

Speaking to reporters a day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met US President Barack Obama for top-level talks on the Iranian nuclear standoff, former military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin said the Jewish state was working to a much tighter deadline than Washington.

‘Israel is very close to the point when a very tough decision should be made — the bomb or the bombing,’ he said, adding that the decision was also in the hands of the US president.

Netanyahu and Obama met for two hours of talks amid clear signs of differences on the imminence of the perceived Iranian nuclear threat, if not its ultimate danger to both nations…” (Iran must be stopped if a global holocaust is to be avoided and must happen soon or else – II Peter 3:10. See the next report.)

Iran prepares for kamikaze attacks

WND.com reports: “Even as it continued to talk with the U.N. nuclear watchdog, Iran continued to prepare for war over its nuclear weapons program, training for kamikaze attacks in the Persian Gulf with both planes and speedboats, sources within the Iranian armed forces report.

The International Atomic Energy Agency called its recent talks with Iran a failure. And just days before, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, ordered the Revolutionary Guards, along with the army, on high alert, ready with conventional and unconventional means to respond to any aggression by the U.S. or Israel over its nuclear weapons program, the sources say…”