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Israel begins nation-wide emergency preparedness exercises

Israel National News reports: “A large-scale military exercise to raise the level of preparedness for emergencies at all IDF command centers and bases, as well as among the civilian population, began Sunday morning. The IDF […]

Russia test-fires ‘ideal’ hypersonic missile reports: “Russia said Sunday it successfully launched a hypersonic missile which President Vladimir Putin called ‘an ideal weapon’ as he unveiled a new array of next-generation arms earlier this month. The high-precision Kinzhal (Dagger) […]

IDF preparing for conflict with ISIS

Israel National News reports: “The IDF is preparing for the possibility that ISIS may become a security threat, now that the terror organization has succeeded in amassing enough money in recent years to carry out […]

‘Iran nuke deal opened door to nuclearization of entire Mideast’

Israel National News reports: “The 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, better known as the Iran nuclear deal, is liable to lead to the proliferation of nuclear weapons across the Middle East, as regional powers […]

History in the making: U.S. president to meet North Korean leader

Asia Times Online reports: “US President Donald Trump agreed on Thursday evening, Washington-time, to meet North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un by the end of May. The agreement – an historic one – was made following […]

State Media: North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons ‘Reliably Guaranteed’ Peace on Earth reports: “A day after dictator Kim Jong-un allegedly claimed that his father’s ‘dying wish’ was to see the end of nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula, North Korean state newspaper Rodong Sinmun published a […]

Israel, US Troops Train Together to Counter Missile Threats

Voice of America News reports: “If war breaks out in the Middle East, U.S. and Israeli forces are preparing to one day fight alongside one another to defend Israel against missile attacks from across the […]

Report: Hezbollah on high-alert, fears Israeli air strikes

Israel National News reports: “An Arabic-language daily based in London reported that the Hezbollah terror group has declared a state of emergency, fearing an Israeli attack. The report Thursday in A-Rai al-Yum said that the […]

105 terrorists killed in Egypt’s ‘Operation Sinai 2018’

Israel National News reports: “Egyptian soldiers and police personnel operating in the Sinai Peninsula have killed 105 terrorists since the start of an operation in February, a spokesman for the Egyptian army said Thursday, according […]

Iran jails woman for removing headscarf in public

BBC News reports: “An Iranian woman who publicly removed her veil to protest against a mandatory hijab law has been sentenced to two years in prison, prosecutors say. The woman, who has not been officially […]

‘Ethnic cleansing being perpetrated against French Jews’

Israel National News reports: “In an article published by local media, University of Paris lecturer Dr. Guy Millière describes a series of events pointing to ‘ethnic cleansing’ being carried out in France because of Muslim […]

Former Syrian general: Iran testing chemical weapons in Syria

Israel National News reports: “A former Syrian army general who defected said this week that Iran is building, and carrying out tests on, short-to-medium-range missiles with chemical warheads in Syria. Zaher Al-Sakat, who now runs […]