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Japan Dials Up Pressure on China Over Southeast Asian Sea

Voice of America News reports: “Warfare exercises in the disputed South China Sea over the past two months reveal a sustained, long-term escalation of Japanese activity in a region where Tokyo has strategic interests that […]

Top Palestinian adviser admits conflict’s all about Islam reports: “The Palestinian Authority and its allies long have insisted that the conflict in the Middle East boils down to a dispute over land. If Israel would be willing to give up certain land […]

Pope Francis accepts resignation of Cardinal Wuerl, DC archbishop linked to sex-abuse cover-up reports: “Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who has been implicated in the Roman Catholic Church’s sex-abuse cover-up scandal, according to reports. The Vatican didn’t immediately name a new archbishop, […]

Imam: We’ll kill our women if they dishonor us reports: “While some Islamic scholars have insisted that ‘honor killing’ is cultural rather than inherently Islamic, a prominent Palestinian Muslim cleric made it clear in a sermon at the iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem […]

China, Russia push to ease North Korea sanctions as Seoul mulls options reports: “China and Russia have backed easing sanctions on Pyongyang ‘at an appropriate time’, as South Korea’s foreign minister said Seoul was mulling lifting its own measures, threatening cracks in global restrictions on the […]

FBI Chief Warns: MS-13, Islamic State May Use Drones to Attack U.S. reports: “The United States is facing an ‘escalating’ threat from the use of civilian drones as weapons by the likes of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and MS-13, the FBI director cautioned on Wednesday. In […]

China Legalizes ‘Transformation’ Internment Camps for Muslim Uighurs reports: “The government of China passed a regional law Tuesday formally allowing officials in the Muslim-majority province of Xinjiang to established internment camps for ethnic Uighurs considered insufficiently loyal to the Communist Party. The […]

Archaeologists unearth 2000-year-old Hebrew ‘Jerusalem’ inscription

The Jerusalem Post reports: “The earliest written inscription of the word Jerusalem written in Hebrew on a 2,000 year old column drum was unveiled on Tuesday at a press conference at The Israel Museum in […]

Researchers Say Human Toll of South Sudan War ‘as Bad as Iraq or Syria’

Voice of America News reports: “The five-year war in South Sudan is among the deadliest the world has seen in recent years, according to a new analysis by researchers from the London School of Hygiene […]

Russia: Change in Golan Heights status a violation of agreements

Israel National News reports: “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday warned Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu against changing the status quo of the Golan Heights, Sputnik reported. According to Lavrov, ‘Any change in the […]

Netanyahu: Russian missiles in Syria won’t deter us

Israel National News reports: “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said he told Russia’s vice premier in talks on Tuesday that Israel must continue to hit hostile targets in Syria, despite Moscow’s decision to equip the Assad […]

Merkel and Abbas express support for ‘two-state solution’

Israel National News reports: “German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke with Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas by telephone days after saying she would push him to return to negotiations with Israel, The Associated Press reported […]