Category: December

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Contending For the Faith

  • Washington National Cathedral to Hold Friday Muslim Prayers
  • Franklin Graham condemns Washington cathedral for hosting Muslim prayer service
  • U.S. Episcopal Church Has Adopted Pro-Muslim, LGBT Agendas
  • Muslims protest Christian governor in Jakarta: ‘It is forbidden to have an infidel
  • School bans students from praying together
  • Muslim terror army eyes expansion to Christian lands
  • Kenya bus attack: Al-Shabab ‘wants religious war’


  • Child Terrorists in Jerusalem: ‘We’re Ready to Die’
  • Muslim marauders ‘recruit’ children to fight war
  • Nigeria: 46 Students Killed in School Suicide Blast

Mark of the Beast Technology

  • Man embeds computer chips in hands to store Bitcoin

The Islamic Caliphate

  • Caliphate In Europe: Sweden Cedes Control Of Muslim Areas
  • Islamic State ‘Caliph’: We Will Not Stop until Rome Is Conquered
  • ISIS to annex more Arab lands into caliphate

The Religion of Peace

  • ISIS issues beheading video of US hostage Peter Kassig
  • Islamists Hack To Death Professor Who Called For Burka Ban
  • ISIS Video: Jihadists Call for Terror Attacks in France
  • Islamic State Chief Purportedly Calls for ‘Volcanoes of Jihad’
  • Boko Haram Attack Kills At Least 45 in Nigeria
  • Global terror attack deaths rose sharply in 2013
  • Suicide Bomber Hits Afghan Volleyball Tournament
  • Islamic State Kills at Least 25 Iraqi Tribesmen

News From Israel and the Middle East

  • Palestinians kill Israeli worshippers at Jerusalem synagogue
  • Hamas, Islamic Jihad Praise Jerusalem Synagogue Massacre
  • Animated video warns ‘Zionists’ of car terror attacks
  • Iranian Cleric Threatens to ‘Raze Tel Aviv, Haifa to the Ground’
  • Iran’s Khamenei proposes plan for Israel’s elimination – on Twitter
  • Iran Threatens to Flood Gaza With ‘Millions’ of Iranian Fighters
  • Hezbollah claims ‘pinpoint’ Iranian missiles added to its arsenal