Burning Hearts

Two discouraged disciples were retreating — going home. They had trusted that Christ was the One who would redeem Israel, but the Crucifixion had brought them to despair.

Emmaus was their destination and somewhere along that road the Saviour came and walked with them. Miraculously, the eyes of the Emmaus disciples were held by God so that they were unable to recognize Jesus. As might be expected, He asked them why they were sad. After they had told Him all about their burden, He opened the Scriptures to them and taught them about himself. What a Bible lesson that must have been! Remembering those moments, they said later that their hearts had burned within them as they listened to Him.

Burning hearts are needed today.

Who has not witnessed the fire of new converts or of those newly committed to the Saviour? Their love for Christ and others has sometimes ignited entire congregations that had become cool and complacent. With warmth and zeal, those newly born have often led mature but mechanical members of the body of Christ back to the experience of fervent love and power.

Dwight L. Moody prayed, “Lord, make me not only warm, but red hot!”

David Dawson wrote: “Fire warms! And who of us does not like to feel the warm glow among God’s people?”

Ask God to give you a burning heart. You may set your church afire. And every community needs to witness that blessed glow!