Far Better

An old Scotch preacher had struggled all through his ministry to help those who were facing death. He had difficulty in this part of his ministry because he had never himself conquered the fear of death.

Near the end of his life, he moved to another house. When all the furniture had been removed from the old home, he lingered there. His children had been born there. He had prepared hundreds of sermons within those walls. It was hard for him to leave. A thousand memories moved through his mind.

Finally, one of those helping in the move came to him and said, “Everything’s gone; and the new house is better than this one.”

It was just what he needed. The sermon in that statement was unforgettable. He understood Paul’s desire to depart and be with Christ because heaven is far better. The years that remained found him capable in aiding others to prepare for heaven.

There are many wonderful sights on earth… but heaven is far better.

Fond friendships are formed on earth… but heaven is far better.

Dream homes rise out of the minds of architects and under the sound of the builder’s hammer… but heaven is far better.

Sweet music is played by gifted people and it echoes in great auditoriums produced by famous orchestras… but heaven is far better.

And for the Christian, heaven is home!