A British general once entertained a number of guests. The general’s assistant seated a prominent lady at the left of the host rather than at his right, the place of honor. She fumed quietly and then said indignantly: “I suppose you have great difficulty getting your aide-de-camp to seat your guests properly!” “Not at all,” the general responded. “Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.”

One of the most destructive traits is super sensitivity. Those who are constantly looking for some trifle to touch off their tempers and upset their dispositions are sure to be successful in their search. People who wear their feelings on their sleeves are often in a stew. Individuals who are continually drawing invisible emotional lines over which they dare others to step, will find their energies taken in nursing their many hurts and will have little time or strength left for worthwhile tasks.

If you are easily offended, you have a simple but serious problem — PRIDE. Secretly, you expect others to treat you rather special because you think you deserve that kind of treatment. No wonder your feathers are ruffled regularly!

Consider the Saviour washing the disciples’ feet. Contrast His attitude to the frame of mind that makes you so hard to live with. Meditating on His humble act that day will enable you to put away petty pride and its resultant touchiness. You will become insulated against insults. And nothing will offend you!