Hamas Founder’s Son to Dr. Phil: Pro-Palestinian Activists in U.S. Belong in ‘Mental Asylum’ – Hamas Would ‘Massacre’ Them

Breitbart.com reports: “In a riveting Dr. Phil primetime episode, Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas’s cofounder, charged that there is ‘lots of hatred’ against Jews in Islamic culture, insisting that ‘the vast majority’ of Palestinians support Hamas, that October 7 was ‘an attempt for ethnic cleansing’ and part of a ‘holy war,’ and that without Israel as a common enemy, the Palestinians ‘would kill each other.’ 

He also mocked pro-Palestinian activists for ‘giving Hamas cover,’ saying the terror group would ‘massacre them with no mercy’ while accusing them of supporting ‘the enemy of civilization,’ and insisting they belong in a ‘mental asylum.’ 

Mosab Hassan Yousef, originally aligned with his father Sheikh Hassan Yousef’s Hamas terrorist group, eventually grew disenchanted with the organization’s violent tactics and chose to covertly aid Israeli intelligence. He later chronicled his journey and transformation in his autobiography, Son of Hamas…”

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