MK Danon: ‘Time to go into Rafah, move the population and finish the job with Hamas’

Israel National News reports: “MK Danny Danon, chairman of World Likud, spoke to Arutz Sheva – Israel National News about the necessity of a military operation in Rafah.

On the local political arena, after MK Gideon Sa’ar announced his decision to leave MK Benny Gantz’s National Unity party and join the Right, Danon said, ‘I don’t know the political implication of his statement, but one thing I can tell you. We need to change what’s happening on the ground in Gaza and I hope that this change will actually lead the cabinet to take more aggressive decisions in order to move forward and finish the job in Gaza.’

‘We started very strong but now we are pausing, I think it is about time to go into Rafah, move the population to different areas, and to finish the job with Hamas. I think that [Prime Minister] Netanyahu also realizes that we will have to do that. The question is when. I think now that, unfortunately, we don’t have a deal regarding the hostages yet, we have to move forward. So we have to implement the plans for evacuating the population from Rafah to other areas and mobilize the military. Many Hamas terrorists found a safe place in Rafah. We have to fight them and win.’…”

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