Devotional Set: Soul Food

Light and Sight

A doctor approached an anxious father in the waiting room of a New. York City hospital and informed him that his child had lived but two hours after birth. As the sympathetic doctor turned away, […]

Your Life Story

Dr. Ironside was once approached by a lady who offered to tell his fortune. He replied that he had a book in his pocket that told her past, present, and future. Surprised, she asked what […]

The Word Became Flesh

John the Baptist was the “voice.” Jesus Christ is the Word. A word remains long after a voice is silent. It was that way with John and Jesus. John came to announce the coming of […]

Burdens and Blessings

Zacharias and Elisabeth were good people. Their reputations are preserved for us by Luke: “And they were both righteous before God, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless.” They must have […]

Our Father

Some teach that God the Father is the spiritual father of all people and that we are all His children. This is known as the Universal Fatherhood of God. It is a false teaching. Jesus […]

The Father’s Love

Billy Bray, who was known for his constant Christian joy, once had a very poor crop of potatoes. He said the devil came to taunt him about his small potatoes and to mock him for […]


A leader of a dance band once told me that a number of his friends in the bars had confided to him that they thought they ought to be saved… someday. He agreed and thought he […]

Bad Company

Jude described a crowd bound for judgment. Yet some of their characteristics are copied by those claiming they are headed for heaven. These ungodly ones are called murmurers… complainers. So those who are given to […]

An Acceptable Time

Experiencing trouble, the psalmist fills his mouth with expressions of deep feeling: a flood is overwhelming his soul, he is sinking in deep mire, he is crossing a body of water and it is about […]

Bread and Meat

A wagon train passing through one of the difficult sections of the Oregon Trail seemed to have encountered more than its share of trouble. Water and grass had been scarce for several days and some […]


Your holiday plans have probably been in place for a long time. You’re anticipating a special day with loved ones. Thanksgiving is one of America’s favorite holidays. And you expect this one to be the […]

Thanksgiving with Jesus

At this time of year suggestions abound about the priorities of thanksgiving. Family, friends, home and country are contenders for the most important places on our list as we thank God for His blessings. But […]