Devotional Set: Soul Food


Paul was in bonds. King Agrippa was in bondage. Paul was a prisoner of Rome. King Agrippa was a prisoner of sin. Paul was innocent before the earthly judge. King Agrippa was guilty before the […]

Herbs and Love

When the choice is love or money… take love. The Bible gives a wonderful pattern for the home. A loving husband cares for his responsive wife and they together picture the walk that Christ has […]

The Warnings of God

In describing Herod’s effort to destroy Jesus, DeWitt Talmadge wrote: “In a sense it was the narrowest and most wonderful escape of the ages that the child was not slain before he had taken his […]

Guidance and Gifts

The star that guided the wise men on their journey is one of the great miracles surrounding the birth of Christ. There is no question but that this was a one-time, supernatural heavenly light that […]

Wise Men Still Seek Him

The wise men who came from the east to worship Jesus are the most mysterious of all the characters connected with the Christmas account. We know little about them. We do not know how many […]

Anna’s Adoration

God has many wonderful old people. Anna the prophetess was a widow and well up in years. She gave all her time to serving the Lord. Prayers ascended from her heart to God night and […]

Singing Shepherds

The shepherds who were notified of Christ’s birth by the angelic messenger and who witnessed the heavenly concert of praise, lost no time in going to Bethlehem to see the Saviour for themselves. As a […]

Glory to God in the Highest

When Jesus came out of the ivory palaces into this world of woe, the world witnessed a miracle of grace and humility. And what great grace it was! The condescension of Christ defies understanding. The […]

Simeon’s Secret

Simeon had a secret. It was just between him and the Lord. The Holy Spirit had revealed something to him and he didn’t tell a soul. He knew that he would not die until he […]

He Humbled Himself

Jesus humbled himself. If we are to be like Him we will have to forsake the way of pride and choose humility. He chose a stable instead of a palace. He chose swaddling clothes instead […]

His Many Names

There are many names and titles given to Christ by the prophets. The reason? The language of man does not contain any one word to describe Him. Jesus is wonderful. He was wonderful in His […]


Great truths leap from this verse about Bethlehem. Though but a tiny village, Bethlehem would be the birthplace of the Messiah. The One born there would one day rule Israel. The birth in Bethlehem would […]