Devotional Set: Soul Food

Leaving All

When Jesus called His disciples, they left their temporal work and invested their lives with Him. They must have appeared to be fanatics and fools to their neighbors and associates. But how many of their […]


Christians are stewards. Immediately after the return of Christ, we will all give an account of ourselves: “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that everyone may receive the things done […]

Time to Stand

Man’s vanity has often carried him to unbelievable ends. Consider Alexander the Great, the Caesars, Napoleon, or Hitler. History has a number of examples of leaders demanding worship. In the coming Tribulation period, the final […]

Time to Pray

When trouble came, Daniel was prayed up. This faithful prophet was in the habit of prayer. The fact that Daniel had a regular time for prayer reveals that he counted prayer worthy of his time. […]

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

For nearly two thousand years, Christians have been living in a parenthesis, a prophetic interval, a time “in between.” During this prophetic interval, sometimes known as the Church Age, both Jews and Gentiles who are […]

Wise Use of Time

Phillips Brooks wrote: “A friend says to me, ‘I have not time or room in my life for Christianity. If it were not so full! You don’t know how hard I work from morning till […]


Florence Nightingale, at thirty, wrote in her diary, “I am thirty years of age, the age at which Christ began His mission. Now, Lord, let me think only of thy will.” Years later, near the […]

A Wise Man

General William Booth was the founder of the Salvation Army. One day his son came to tell the old general, who had struggled long with poor vision, that the doctors could do no more for […]


Think of the cares that would be cancelled if we could escape anxiety about tomorrow. Most feel safe about today, but the tomorrows are tough. Tomorrow the house payment is due. Tomorrow is the final […]


Babe Ruth once said: “Most of the people who have really counted in my life were not famous. Nobody ever heard of them, except those who knew and loved them. I knew an old minister […]

How to Pray

A good rule is to make public prayers shorter than those we offer in private. Some seize opportunities to pray in public as a means to impress others. A minister who was asked to pray […]

Hard Times

Difficult days come to both the righteous and the wicked. Though Christians will escape the Tribulation period, they have tribulation during their sojourn on this planet. Jesus said: “In the world ye shall have tribulation” […]